Print Format
Vintage Selenium toned silver prints and digital archival prints available
Print Size
42cm x 59cm
Signed edition of 5

‘SHADOW CATCHING’ is another photographic work about Buckland’s journey with Nikki. It comes a few years after ‘speaking out’ and moving into a quieter space. Nikki has always been fascinated with his shadow. It is a fleeting and short-lived moment, one of many endearing activities unique to him. After a period of contemplation and stirred by Jung’s ideas about one’s inner shadow, Buckland realised the combination was an obvious photographic device to exploit. Thoughts about decisive moments, lightness, darkness and shadows in-between are certain within the emotional gamut of disability. These are also the traits of photography.  When Nikki dances with his shadow, they are split-second moments which make him unrivalled – mysterious and particular.